Tweak fat, analogue, synth basslines that you or the bot can create.

With use in live performance in mind.

Every analogue, sound circuit attentively honed.
 Intuitive operation so you can really get into the mix.


Operational simplicity with it’s intuitive workflow.

Full RGB Illuminated Soft Touch keys.

Store up to 432 bassline patterns, with up to 64 steps per pattern.

Switch between play and write modes seamlessly.

Record and edit basslines in real-time in Loop Edit mode.

Control the slide time, gate time & shuffle amount.

Ground Breaking Features for a unique experience in sound-scaping.
Create a set of experimental patterns in separate memory using new pattern lab.

Visually create or modify up to 108 patterns on the fly in new loop edit.

Shorten or lengthen note time with new mute and hammer modifiers.

Add shuffle ‘swing’ to patterns when playing in real time.

Adjust the gate time or slide time of note modifiers live.

Color code your patterns and tracks with 13 available colours.

Pattern playback via MIDI using your favourite DAW.

Run any audio signal through the filter for stunning rhythmic effects with new Filter In.
Control external instruments with individual 1/8″ outs for:
Run/Stop Out
Clock Out
Accent Out
Gate Out
CV Out